Apartment/Room Tour Lublin Poland || Life as a Student in Poland

Oglądalność: 251, długość 11m 56s, zasię 18, zaangażowanie 9. Apartment tour in the heart of the student city Lublin in Poland. Please don't forget to like, comment, share this video and Subscribe to my channel for more interesting and informative videos. Lets link up instagram: tinoanne_nhemachena facebook: Tinomudaishe Annita Nhemachena email: tinomudai ...
- Can you find jobs as an international student in Lublin if you can’t speak polish
- It my first time watching videos your thumbnail got my attention and I already like it
- Please is Vincent pol single dormitory really good?
- Nice video! :) When I was a student, I rented a very, very small apartment in the basement, in price of a room. I wanted to have space only for myself, but now I sometimes regret, because sharing an apartment is a good way to meet great people :) And the thing you showed at the beginning is called in Polish "przedsionek". I don't know how to translate it into English, but Google shows it as "vestibule", but I never saw this word before :)

EDIT And you look very good with your hairs :) I think, that one of advantages of Black women is that they can be pretty with both long and short hairs, when Caucasian ones often don't look so good with short ones. At lest from my perspective :)