Oglądalność: 14816, długość m s, zasię 275, zaangażowanie 18. Dynamic history, breathtaking views, and fun legends - it is all about Lublin, considered also as the capital of Eastern Poland. Be sure to watch this episode of Poland In #Undiscovered with Ryan Socash! #PolandIn Bringing you all the latest daily news and updates, POLAND IN is Poland's first Engl ...
- Thank you for this video. I m very proud that i live in Lublin. 😉
- A tu może zerkałeś pełna księgowość Lublin - obsługa księgowa - też tak sądze.
- The segue from death camps to onion bread was tasteless
- Thank you. I visited Lublin last fall and found it wonderful!
- it looks very traditional yet awesome old city and you sense that it has historical significance for Poles
- We were in Lublin in 1029. wonderful city to visit. We hop to be there again in 2020 or 2021.
- fine wee city
- aleksandra madej is so beauty
- 9:10 watch your plate....there is a fly 😉
- I swear I still feel sorry for the jews during the term in the documentary although I truly hate what israel doing to Palestinians at the moment!!! I believe there are jews over there also hate what israel doin in the middle east
- Excellent production values and very informative! Ryan is a good host, but maybe he should loosen up just a tiny bit.
- Thanks for uploading this video, definitely a place I would love to visit. One of many beautiful cities in Poland. I believe Lublin is referred to as "Poland's Oxford." The Onion soup looked delicious. Beautiful looking city, you can tell there is a good vibe to it.
- Super. Więcej odcinków o Lublinie! Jest o czym mówić. Pozdrowienia z Dziesiątej.
- Pierwsza :-)

Zapraszam do mnie :-)
Super film :-)