The City They Told Me Not To Visit 🇵🇱 LUBLIN POLAND OLD TOWN

Oglądalność: 3783, długość 15m 21s, zasię 129, zaangażowanie 53. Lublin Poland Old Town: Lublin is the ninth-largest city in Poland located in the Lubelskie Province. So because its not as popular as Krakow, people miss HOW COOL THIS city really is ! This lublin poland travel guide highlights places to visit in Lublin for your first poland trip. if you want to se ...
- Some friends told me not to bother with Lublin and go to Warsaw and Kraków but I’m glad I didn’t listen as it’s a beautiful city ! Who’s been here ??
- Jak dla mnie dość ciekawe, - chwila czasu ale warto.
- Hey Hal! Brilliant channel, great vlogs! Nice to see someone also check out the less touristy areas of the world! You're always welcome in Poland! Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
- 2:03 Dominikańska, Jezuicka and Gruella streets were rebuilt in 2003 thanks to financial support from the European Union
- amazing cinematography!
- Lublin is no go zone...polish translation (chujowe miasto)....
- I’m Mexican, I have been two times in Poland specifically in Lublin summer and winter, defiantly be there in summer is the best! I never felt discriminated by my color skin, people are friendly and you can eat a lot of food! But is not common for polish people see Mexican tourist in winter there! Was not matter I felt like an exotic thing hahaha! Defiantly I’ll back some day there!
- U see thats not mix of new buildings with old ones, them all old one...some are propertyof town or private person that have money to re -new elevation, the poor dont thats why lot of them looks terrble
- 5:37 "Zadora" is name of one of polish coat-of-arms :-) Lublin and Kraków are very proud for his long history. Both cities were most powerful and wealthy in 16th-17th centuries, that's why most of buildings in old towns are from this time. The Lublin castle has got beautiful, byzantine-style chapel.
Thanks for promoting my country ;-)
And, You know - They've got one in Honolulu, they've got one in Moscow too
They got four of them in Sydney and a couple in Kathmandu
So whether you sing or pull a pint you'll always have a job
'Cause where ever you go around the world you'll find an Irish pub :-D

PS: During WW2, when Poland was occupied by nazi Germany, there was a prison in the Lublin castle. Over there many members of resistance were hold and killed. After the war, prison was taken by soviet and polish communist political police and resistance members were killed constantly.
- Plate 2.01
Dominikańska, Jezuicka and Gruella Streets were rebuilt in 2003 thanks to financial support from the European Union

Come to Poland in summer then it is warmer, nicer and there are more tourists.
- Omg! Aaaaaaaah! Omg!
- I suggest you do a tour of Lublin, Zamość and Chełm, all close to each other, like I did many years ago. In Chełm, in the very centre of the cit,y you have a chalk mine you can visit. Zamość will knock down your socks, it did mine: it was built from scratch back in the 16 c. as the perfect city, virtually left untouched in WW2, feels like walking in some utopian place. As for Lublin, have a walk at night down the main street that leads to Cracow Gate. All this in summer. Enjoy!
- If you like such places as Lublin, I would also recommend Rzeszow which is close by. Inexpensive and equally good as Lublin, or perhaps even better, and there are direct connections from London airports. I used to live in both cities.
- No people, no tourists in a such situation. Why you are so suprised? "Akwarela" should be also closed! Why it was still opened?
- Lublin is NOT in Lesser Poland :). Neither the province (voivodship) nor the geographic nor historic region. I don’t know where you took this information from :) cheers
- I was hoping to move to Poland for six months, now that Brexit is a go ahead will that not be a possibility for me?
- Great video.Beatiful old town
- Keep going! Thank you!
- the sign in short say smth like this: these 3 streets were restored with EU financial aid in 2003 -also u should come in spring/summer to Poland when nature wakes up and girls comes out:)
- I have to laugh at you Englishmen: I grew up in Michigan, and I can tell by how you are dressed that it is NOT that cold:)