Welcome to LUBLIN, POLAND!!! | VLOG 611

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- Lublin hath a soul
- Tu też można doczytać Producent: sok z kiszonych buraków mi się tam podobało.
- Luke, it's a pity that you don' t meet any citizen of a given city and you don't get any information about its history or culture, what could attract foreigners to visit it. Polish cities have more to offer then just food, malls, parks or old buildings. But this you will know when you talk with English speaking citizens. Please, try to find out what is unique about a town or a city, what makes it different, not just admire its look. Then your vlogs will be more interesting for visitors from all over the world. Good bless ya!
- Can you offer me jobs?
- Luke get a grip mate ... try travelling to Poland in January and try google maps next time .. did not notice the long bridge over the Vistula river.
- You should of took one of them mini buses to lublin not the train, listened to some disco polo on the radio and enjoyed the sites! Poland is dead on sundays because it's a religious day of rest and most of the main stores are closed
- My City 😘😍 I Love Lublin ❤️❤️😍❤️🤗
- Hahaha rozwalił mnie polski standard 2:59 „opóźnienie może ulec zmianie” ^^
- Kto z Lublina XD
- To uczucie kiedy nagrywają film o Lublinie
I zaczynają na Bronowicach
- J m from poland and wtf
- That's my men nice city nice guy
- 👍
- Naleczow...is a must....Kazimierz Dolny a must. ..Roztocze National Park...must..maybe mashroom picking. ..
- aww it's so nice to see someone so excited about Poland! I'm glad that you liked my hometown!
- I'm from lublinn
- Yyoooooo sup Dude, I'm from Lublin and I think, that i have seen you, you were on "Plac Litewski" yyoooo bro you are awesome
- you literally walked near my house lmao. love your vid!
- Kto z Lublina?
- Kto mieszka w lublinie?
- Omg! Just came back from Lublin myself!) Beautiful city!!!